Save the Earth and Money

We hear on the news about how much damage people do to the earth wasting goods and items that could be repurposed and reused. There are ways to prevent that damage from happening by reducing the amount of trash produced. Here are some tips and tricks that I found online which could be helpful to your wallet and your environment.

  • Instead of using paper towels use washable rags

  • Bring your own bags to the grocery

  • Bring your empty cartons of eggs and berries to be filled back up at the farmers market

  • After using your oven in the winter it is a good idea to leave it open to cool off and it will also heat the house

  • Reuse old clothing as rags

  • Use glassware, ceramic dishes and cloth napkins when company is over.

These are just a few out of the hundreds of ways to help save money and the environment. It may feel like your not making a difference doing these small things. If you were the only one dong this you would be right, but with the combined efforts of people every where we can make the world a better place.


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