Winter Home Prep (Part 2)

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A few weeks ago we posted tips about how to keep more heat in your house. We'd like to continue on this topic since this winter is predicted to be just as cold, if not colder than the winter this last year. We get this posts' info straight from the authority on the subject--Indiana Michigan Power (Grant County's electricity provider). Here are a few suggestions that they offer:

- Use energy-efficient Christmas lights both inside and outside your home.

- Use a programmable timer for light displays rather than let them run all night long.

- When travelling for the holidays, set your thermostat at the ideal temperature of 60 degrees.

- Don't pre-heat your oven for foods that take multiple hours to bake.

- Use the cook top instead of the oven when possible as the cook top typically uses less energy

You can view the entire list of tips that Indiana Michigan Power recommends here. We hope you have a warm and safe Christmas with your friends and family.

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