Winter Home Prep

Paying too much to heat your home? Analysts predict that this winter will be just as cold if not colder than last winter, which means it's time to start preparing our homes for the weather! We do our best to seal up cracks in foundations and around windows/doors for all of our rental properties in order to provide weather-resistant homes. However, tenants can use some of these simple tips to save significant cash on their utility bills. The folks over at have compiled a list of ways to save on gas and electricity over the winter. Some of the items include:

- Set your thermostat a couple degrees lower when you're out of the house. Your utility bill adjusts about 3% for each degree you change your house's temperature

- Use kitchen and bathroom fans only when you need them since they remove warm air from the house

- Keep blinds and curtains open on south-facing windows so that sunlight can come in and help heat your home

As you can see, these simple steps can help save on utilities when you need it most. To see the full list, you can check out their article here.

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